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   The Switching Theorem: An Exercise in Trivia


   Publication Games

   The Dynamics of Endogenous and Exogenous Technological Change

   The Office of the Academic Inquisition

   The Division of Labor without Divisibility

   The Liberal Leviathan

   A Political Economy of Debacle

   Globalization and Inequality According to Veblen

   The Entrepreneurial Myth, Globalization and American Imperialism

   A Modest Suggestion for Understanding Economic Growth

   Karl Marx and Milton Friedman: Bedfellows in Thought

   Religion and Science





The Fund Drive (The Evelin Press, 1991)

Two Lockets (Century Press, 1995)

Technology and the Vision of Socialism (The Evelin Press, 1996)

French East India Companies, 1602-1770 (The Evelin Press, 2003)


Published Essays:

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Illustrative Unpublishable:



Case # 2216:  A Contemporary Heresy—an Inadequate Number of Mathematical Equations in Economics Research


Chief Prosecutor:  The Grand Masturbator


Deputy Prosecutor:  A Research Jerk



Research Jerk:  We have the great honor that this important trial is being held under the aegis of the Grand Masturbator. He has attained the rare and great distinction of holding the rank of seventeenth among the nation’s economists in placing mathematical masturbations into economic journals.


Grand Masturbator:  Thank you, deputy prosecutor, for your confidence in my accomplishments. Please begin the questioning of the recusant.


Research Jerk:  Prisoner at the bar. Is it not a fact that you have not one publication in the leading purveyors of mathematical masturbations: The American Economic Review, The Economic Journal, The Journal of Political Economy, The Quarterly Journal of Economics?


Recusant:  Yes, Your Honor.


Research Jerk: Is it not also true that you have no publications in the other journals that the Grand Masturbator has decreed as being equivalent to the leading journals? Those are all journals in the field of international economics and a selection of other journals?


Recusant:  I am aware of the inclusion of the international journals, but am rather uncertain as to which are the others.


Grand Masturbator: Have I not proclaimed them with sufficient frequency?


Recusant: Yes, Your Honor, you have. The failings are mine.


Research Jerk: Prisoner at the bar. Did you not receive the usual graduate education in economics designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of economics?


Recusant:  Yes, Your Honor.


Research Jerk:  Did not your graduate education equip you to look at the mathematical masturbations in the leading economic journals?


Recusant:  Yes, Your Honor. But I often have trouble making sense out of them.


Grand Masturbator: That is not necessary. It is only mandatory to consider them important.


Research Jerk: Were you not also instructed in econometric tools?


Recusant:  Yes, Your Honor.


Research Jerk: Did you not undergo practice in slinging statistics into regressions?


Recusant: Yes, Your Honor.


Research Jerk: Then why does your research use an insufficient number of regressions and mathematical masturbations?


Recusant: Regression results never convince me, and I don’t need the mathematical masturbations. In trying to understand an economics issue, I endeavor to pick out the relevant variables and significant relationships. I can express them quite well in the English language, and I feel it gives me a good understanding.


Research Jerk: That is mere ad hocery. It is a greater sacrilege than the use of the English language. If you would shun that sin, you would find that you would be obliged to formulate everything in mathematical equations.


Recusant: But those formulations never give me any conception of the economic reality that I am trying to understand.


Grand Masturbator: That is no excuse for improprieties in research.


Recusant: I am bewildered by the variety of choice in mathematical formulation. When no connection with reality is required, there seems such a multiplicity of options that I wouldn’t know which to choose.


Research Jerk: Then choose any one.


Recusant: Shouldn’t I choose the more plausible?


Grand Masturbator: There is no need for you to bother yourself with such worries. Better to choose the more implausible. Everyone does it. It makes research easier.


Research Jerk:  Prisoner. Do you not concede that you have been remiss in your research? Do you not admit that it has been worse than worthless? Do you not agree that it would have been better for you to have done none at all?


Recusant: Yes, Your Honor. I do.


Research Jerk: The prisoner has been guilty of errors of commission as well as omission. He has discouraged mathematical masturbations by other researchers.


Recusant: I don’t understand, Your Honor.


Research Jerk: Have you not opposed the granting of reduced time from teaching for those doing good research?


Recusant:  I thought our main duty was teaching and everyone should share those duties.


Grand Masturbator: Even for those who have attained the greatest heights in mathematical masturbations? In particular, those who have published in the leading economic journals such as The American Economic Review.


Recusant: Ah.


Research Jerk: Do you not agree that networking is important for the academic status of the economics department?


Recusant: Certainly, Your Honor.


Research Jerk: Does not networking involve showing off one’s mathematical masturbations at economic conferences to other researchers?


Recusant: Yes, Your Honor.


Research Jerk: Does it not also involve paying homage to the mathematical masturbations of leading researchers?


Recusant: Yes, Your Honor.


Research Jerk: Have you voted for monies to pay for the attendance of the economics department’s true researchers at conferences?


Recusant: No, Your Honor.


Grand Masturbator: Prisoner, Is it not obvious that you have evidenced serious lapses in showing adequate respect and deference to leading researchers?


Recusant:  Yes, Your Honor.


Research Jerk: Your Honor. The prisoner’s offenses warrant the most severe penalty.


Grand Masturbator: Prisoner at the bar. The court concurs with that recommendation. The sentence is academic crucifixion.


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